Moore calls up to Obama to standup and fight!

Tonight I was watching the documentary “SiCKO” by Michael Moore (2007) on Dutch television. In SiCKO Michael unveils huge and fundamental differences between the Canadian, English, French and even Cuban healthcare system and that of the US. Shocking to see how the American people were being misinformed by the media. But today he calls out to Obama for a wider perspective: “Stand up and fight!”

SiCKO - The Movie

Michael Moore interviewing an English doctor

The film SiCKO was greatly appreciated by many around the world, but heavily criticised by US politicians. Because Moore took 9-11 veterans (left in the dark with huge medical bills due to a corrupt healthcare system) to Cuba and got them free healthcare. On Cuba of all places! A nation long believed to be retarded, according to US media.

Some of the reactions to the SiCKO movie were:

  • “Moore depoliticizes the health care crisis by humanizing it, and drops the polemic in favor of a plea to care about each other a little more.”
  • “For the first time, the targets of Moore’s film need not fear the bearded, heavyset man; instead they should be worried about his audience.”
  • “Though the focus occasionally strays, the film emerges as a fascinating exploration and powerful indictment of a pressing national problem.”

With these reactions in mind you cannot but wonder how the Republicans could even think of repealing the health care bill? The American dream apparently does not incorporate social behaviour. It merely focuses on the Survival of the Richest.

The American Nightmare
The distribution of Wealth in the US is shocking: 25% of the US citizens own 87% of the Wealth ($54.2 trillion, in 2009), leaving 50% to own 13% of the Wealth and the bottom 25% to hold NO wealth at all. Is this the American Dream everyone is striving for?

It’s even more dramatic if you look at the financial assets: in 2004, the top 1% controlled 50.3% of the financial assets while the bottom 90% only held 14.4% of the total US financial assets!

These figures clearly represents the power of the Happy Few (mostly Republicans). And they have every reason to create an atmosphere in which the weakness of the Hopeless Many (mostly Democrats) remains unchanged. If this is the American Dream, it is merely a promise of a lottery. Most Americans live and remain living the American Nightmare.

I am your representative
The call-out of Michael Moore: “.. what [Obama] should be doing is going on TV today, tomorrow, and look right into the camera and say, ‘My fellow Americans, the working people of this country, you are the majority, and I am your representative. I am going to fight for you … we are going to wrestle control of this country back into the hands of we, the people. This country was not built for the billionaires and for the upper one percent.’

The world should support Moore and Obama on their honest quest for equality. The US today is all but a democracy: the real power is not with the people, or in politics, it has been divided over banks, multinationals, media tycoons and a small group of extremely rich families. Just as was the case in Europe, hundreds of years ago.

Bush and Osama (Tim Osman)

George Bush and Osama (Tim Osman)

Don’t believe the anchorman
Obama truly fought for the masses with his promise of a modern healthcare system. And he was able to get it passed the Happy Few. But the media was and never will be on his side. Today, again, the masses are being led to believe that Obama is a false prophet of democracy. Don’t believe the anchorman, you are being mislead, as you have been over the past decades!

Moore is absolutely right: the War on Terror was and is a total distraction! The true danger in the US is the possible uprise of the Hopeless Many, to claim what is as much theirs as it is of the Happy Few!

How much proof do you need that the attacks on 9-11 were setup by the CIA? How long will it take before you realise you have been tricked into going to war? You know the tape of Osama Bin Laden – claiming the attacks – was a fake, played by a CIA agent! The existence of Al Qaeda has never been proven: it is propaganda, just like the existence of an underworld or the devil. Wake up, you’re being fooled!


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