Financial institutions, companies and governments fail. How bad it that?

Clearly, the economic crisis has hurt a lot of the financial institutions, corporations and governments. And every one of us will feel the consequences: inflation, higher taxes, home evictions, depression, etc. Is there a way out of this? Yes, I believe there is and we are right in the middle of it!

In Groundswell (2008) Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff wrote the following: “A social trend in which people use technology to get the things they want from each other in stead of from companies”. And Tom Hayes (2008) describes in Jump Point: “A change so radical that we have no choice than to regroup and rethink the future.”

The social media and social networks enable us to work together, share knowledge, create powerful co-operations and rise – as collectives – above any company, government or institution. The way out this crisis is not by reinstating, financing or bailing out, but by relying on one another, share our knowledge and embrace the power of the many.


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