Trader Alessio Rastani predicts a Euromarket crash within one year!

On his blog,, Alessio Rastani is pretty clear about it: the rescueplan for Greece is not going to impress the market. Rastani: “Markets will fall, the crisis is like cancer and it will not stop growing. Within one year from now millions will loose their savings. All I can say is: be prepared!”.

Rastani, a long-term trader, has been dreaming for the upcoming crash for three years, he admits. In an interview on BBC News he even leaves the commentator speachless for a while. “Governments are not in control. Goldman Sachs is”, according to Alessio,”.. and they don’t care what is going to happen, as long as they can make money off of it.”

Jim Rogers, a renowned investor, who told CNBC today that the US problem, especially the states of Illinois, California and New York, is far worse than that of Europe, referring to Greece, Spain and Italy.


3 thoughts on “Trader Alessio Rastani predicts a Euromarket crash within one year!

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    • Alessio is de knuppel in het economische hoenderhok. Tot 2014 zullen we te maken gaan krijgen met de kenmerken van het einde van onze huidige cultuur (informatietijdperk): angst, paniek, onrust, verlies, etc. Een en ander was in 1913 al berekend door twee Nederlandse economen en in 1924 door Kondratieff (langegolf conjunctuur). De huidige superdepressie (kortegolf én langegolf conjuctuur) is een macroeconomisch feit. We zullen ons er doorheen moeten bijten.

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